A new morning September 5th

What a day this is to be, I prepared the coffee last evening before I went to bed so all I would have to do is get up at 0515 and hit the button and wait 15 minutes and yahoo hot coffee, well of all nights to sleep so soundly last night was it. I was awaken at 0530 with the sound of generators firing off at the chicken factory next door so I knew we had no Escom, heard Liz in the kitchen and got up to see what was going on, she had been up since 0430 preparing breakfast of quiche, hot cakes and bacon. Well all the fix’ins were ready but no stove or oven so we were going to have whatever for breakfast and be happy. Also no water and no way to heat water for bucket bath life was not looking great for the start of a day. John and I were to leave for bible study at a village nearby (90 minutes away) and are due to leave at 1000 hours. We had our morning devotional (wisdom search) at 0700 and at 0715 power came back on and we were off and running, heating water for bathing, oven was busy with fresh quiche, life in Malawi was looking up. A great bucket shower, a hot breakfast with HOT coffee and clean attire, what more could you ask for. It is now 0900 and I am looking over my notes for the bible study, John has a series he is doing and I will be doing a topical on “Compassion of Jesus” I think they could use a better understanding and I know I could so it is a win/win.

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