September 26th just a normal day!

Let me tell you what Malawi is like, 4 days ago our water was turned off do to a miscommunication. John went Tuesday to the water board downtown Limbe and paid the bill and the reconnection fee and then arraigned to have it reconnected at noon that day. He left to go to Nsanje. No water, on Wednesday so I went to the water board early in the morning to check on why? No water. No answer but was assured it would be turned on yesterday at 1700. Went to the airport to pick up Harry and found out after an hour wait he was going to be delayed for 3 hours, well there was nothing to do but wait and that is what Rackson and I did. Church was to be at 1600 but there was no way to make that as his plane landed on time (delayed till 1500) but he was over an hour in claiming his bags and picking them up and meeting us in the parking lot. We needed to stop on the way home to get some bread, eggs, cheese and what-not so we didn’t get home till well after 1700. No water! So it was camp showers for all who wanted or needed. I fit in both categories as I was on my third day of a five day deodorant pad J up early this morning and on the phone with Rackson and told him to pick me up at 0800 so we could once again go visit the nice people at the Limbe water board. I was told that they came last evening about 1900 but no one answered the knock at the gate and the monster dogs (his words) would not let them in, no kidding. So he left. After describing how the bathroom looked he told me he would go right out now now, I believed him, somebody please hug me. Harry, Jonathan, Rackson and I went to get my passport stamped which cost me $15.00 more dollars (second time) and went to brunch which cost me $20.00. We were off to get some gifts for me to take back to friends in America, that cost me $60.00 and I was ready for the long dry dusty dirty drive home, Got back to the casa and went straight to the bathroom and no water, the man had came and turned the water on but after about 15 minutes the water was cut off for the usual reason and with a blessing it will be on later today. I am going to take a nap, John will be home mid/late afternoon and I pray we have hot water as I know he has not had a shower in three days and has been preaching and teaching and presenting the Jesus film at night down in Tengani (hot dry dust dirty and no water) He will want a nice hot shower and a meal. This could be an adventure, I’ll let you know.

God’s blessing on you all. Bro. Chuck the dusty

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